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Marriage Ceremony

It would be a privilege to assist you in the creation of a personalised and unique ceremony that reflects your hopes and dreams for the future. With a ceremony that can be conducted anywhere, any time and at any place, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Not sure where to start?  Let me work with you to bring out the things that are important to you both and turn them into an occasion to remember.

Available weekends and week days


Registry Office Style Ceremony

If you are looking for a wedding ceremony without all the bells and whistles and think that a registry office is your only option then think again.  Let me assist you to add something special to your day by conducting your ceremony in a setting that has meaning for you both.  If you are thinking of the simplicity of a registry office ceremony or planning to elope then this is the ceremony for you.

Plan your wedding at a venue or garden of your choice and together we can create an individualised and meaningful ceremony without the formalities of a larger wedding.

All you need is a Bride, a Groom, 2 witnesses aged over 18 years of age and me as your celebrant and we can create a legally recognised and binding marriage ceremony.  The ceremony content is from a chosen standard proforma and conducted without any alterations.

(Weekdays Monday-Friday with maximum of 10 people in attendance)


Commitment Ceremony

This ceremony is inclusive of all couples for making a public affirmation to each other as a commitment for a future life together.

I will work with you both to create an occasion to remember in a ceremony that will be tailored to your wishes and can be conducted at a venue or garden of your choice.

(This ceremony is not legally binding)

Peppertree Union Supports Marriage Equality

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Naming Ceremony

A naming ceremony may be used to officially introduce and celebrate the arrival of a new baby, adopted child or the uniting of step children into a family unit. It may also be used to acknowledge an adult name change.

Vow Renewal Ceremony

A renewal of vows may be conducted for a married couple to celebrate and mark a significant anniversary, milestone or special occasion with family and friends. It may follow a major life event and be an opportunity for a couple to reaffirm their love and commitment to each other. A vow renewal may see the creation of a larger celebration that perhaps was not possible when the marriage first took place.

Other Ceremonies

Ceremonies created and personalised to make a celebration an event to remember and mark a significant moment, time or start of a new beginning. They may include:
 Boat Launches  Special Birthday    Croning Ceremonies
 Engagement  Pet Funerals

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Funeral Service

I find it a privilege to offer personalised commemoration services that bring family and friends together to honour and pay tribute to a life lived. My flexible approach allows for variety not only in location but also in the incorporation of cultural, spiritual and religious customs and traditions.

Whether your choice is for traditional practices, the creation of new contemporary rituals or a combination of the past and present, I will work with you to create a service that honours the life of your loved one.

Please note – regardless of your chosen funeral home, you always have the option to nominate your preferred Celebrant.  I will work alongside any funeral director to ensure your wishes come to fruition.

Memorial Service

As with a funeral service, a memorial service is an opportunity to honour a life without the formalities of a funeral. To remember and pay tribute to someone through a ceremony that may be conducted at any time, at any place and may immediately follow a passing, be at a later date or on a significant anniversary. This service can be whatever you wish it to be from a backyard ceremony, to the planting of a tree, a boat ride or trek into the hills and may incorporate the scattering of ashes.

Living Wake

A living wake is a celebration for a life lived and a chance to show appreciation to someone that has not yet passed away. They, along with family and friends are aware though that this time is close. A living wake may assist to bring closure and a chance to say good-bye. It is a final opportunity for all to share memories, find forgiveness, express hopes and say thank you. It is a special gift to share in a celebration of life with someone while they are still able to be a part of it.

I can also assist with words that maybe used privately for the scattering of ashes or for a living wake.

Additional services will incur additional fees:

New Year’s Eve and Public Holidays
Travel outside Adelaide and surrounding areas to be negotiated
Theme occasions requiring costumes are welcomed and supplied at client expense
Other requests by arrangement

All prices inclusive of:

Registered Civil Celebrant
Phone and email contact
Advice & support for ceremony construction
Consultations as required
Travel within Adelaide and surrounding areas
Form preparation & submission
Use of quality mobile wireless microphone, speaker & music equipment
Provision of signing table and two chairs (for weddings & commitment ceremonies)